Dean Powell Constructions

Dean Powell moved to Townsville in 1990 to complete his apprenticeship and has called it home ever since. From a very early age Dean was fascinated in the way homes were built and had a vision of starting his own building company.

Dean started his apprenticeship as a carpenter and joiner in 1988. He then subcontracted to many builders over the following years. Pained by the sub-standard quality of work, he decided to start his own building Company and studied after hours to complete a Certificate IV in Building and Constructions.

Today, Dean is the proud owner of Dean Powell Constructions, a Company he started in 1997. Today it is one of Townsville’s most reputable home building companies and has won a record 22 industry awards in 20 years of operations.

Dean Powell’s vision was never to the biggest builder in Townsville. It was to be the best one through building Quality Homes, Excellent Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction.

As a locally owned and operated company, we know the Townsville area well and understand the challenges that could occur in building a home and have processes in place to overcome them.

Over the years Dean Powell Constructions has formed strong connections with a number of other local businesses, which it leverages to make the process of designing and building your new home as seamless as possible.

While offering an impressive choice of floor plans and facades, we believe the successful completion of a project is the joy a client expresses in realising their dream has come true.

Our designs are aesthetically appealing, functional, environmentally friendly and the homes are built to last.

We always listen to our clients and offer a free design modification service to ensure their specific requirements are taken into consideration. Suffice to say, we never impose our preferences on clients.

Our business is built around trust. We maintain complete transparency at every stage of the project and always keep our communication lines open. Customers are provided with access to an online login area where they can keep up to date with the progress of the project and communicate directly with us at any time.

Why Choose Us

Dean Powell Constructions is one of Townsville’s most trusted builders with a reputation for meeting promised timelines and keeping costs under control. The attention to detail and the loving care our committed team demonstrates has earned the respect of our clients who enjoy a stress-free home building experience.

So what does this mean to you? If you want to stop worrying you’ll have to take on extra debt, suffer delays or battle with stress throughout the construction process…we promise to make your experience enjoyable and rewarding.

“Our mission is to provide a building experience which clients actually enjoy…without disrupting their daily routine. From the very first meeting our clients are reassured of our commitment to deliver a customer experience which will exceed their expectations.”

With this in mind we offer a 10 Point Rock Solid Guarantee, which is unrivaled by any other builder in Townsville.

Rock Solid Guarantee#1

We guarantee your construction will be free from defects due to poor workmanship

Rock Solid Guarantee#2

We guarantee the materials we use will comply 100% with the contract.

Rock Solid Guarantee#3

We guarantee to offer you a reasonable quote on projects other builders have refused

Rock Solid Guarantee#4

We guarantee a fixed price contract, and contract prices will only change if you require modifications and with your signed approval. This way there are no hidden surprises

Rock Solid Guarantee#5

We guarantee to be accommodating with requests for minor changes at any stage of the project.

Rock Solid Guarantee#6

We guarantee to work to fixed time frames in which, barring unforeseen circumstances we will do everything in our power to uphold.

Rock Solid Guarantee#7

We guarantee to treat you professionally and courteously 100% of the time as if you were a member of our own company.

Rock Solid Guarantee#8

We guarantee to respond promptly to your calls so you never have to waste time following up to get your concerns addressed.

Rock Solid Guarantee#9

We guarantee to build your home with longevity, durability and maintenance levels in mind. We will do our absolute best to ensure you enjoy a lifetime of happy living in your home.

Rock Solid Guarantee#10

We guarantee an energetic and friendly working relationship. We love what we do and have great   time meeting our clients’ needs.

We can’t be any fairer than this now can we?

There’s nothing we’re not telling you. We never spring surprises with undisclosed fees or “surprise” add-on charges. Of course we are always willing to provide you with advice and recommendations so you earn the respect of family members and the envy of friends when they step in to your dream home.

Let us give you the guidance and direction you need for building your desired dream home right the first time. Book a FREE 45 Minute Home Building Consultation Meeting, where we peal back the whole building process and explain to you some of the hidden pit traps most people make when building their home